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The Making of Trust Implants

John Willardsen D.D.S. is the founder and main operator of Trust Implants . For this reason, he overlooks each patient’s dental reconstruction process, from start to finish. This streamlined, in-house approach is not found in competing practices, and yet, it is largely responsible for our clear and thorough work.

Dr. Willardsen has specialized in Prosthodontics, otherwise known as Dental Implant Rehabilitation, for over 20 years. Prior to his professional experience, his education and residency proved most notable. From 1993 to 1997, Dr. Willardsen studied at Loma Linda University Center for Implant Dentistry. There, he earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery Degree, propelling him into a four-year residency program at that same institution. At the time, Loma Linda University was one of only two schools in the country to host a full-time residency program, with an emphasis on Prosthodontics. This makes Dr. Willardsen’s preparation for you, one of a kind, as he has trained alongside pioneers of the dental implant field. Not long after his residency, the Doctor made great strides in establishing his very own private practice, now known as Trust Implants . In its early days, the practice was tasked mostly with dental trauma repairs.

Our team has prepared extensively to create the smile you have long awaited. CALL US TODAY at (855) 494-6752 to collaborate with one of the foremost Prosthodontist teams on your unique dental goals.



The Smile You Can Trust

Look No Further Than Trust Implants. Our practice is your one-stop shop for the smile makeover of a lifetime. Our attention to detail, ranging from top-quality materials to personalized procedures, has earned us a top-rated status in the fields of Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery.

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I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I was T-boned at about 65 miles per hour. Cracked my head, put me through coma for about a week and a half, it cracked all of my teeth. Now I can chew in the back like I’m finally able to eat something for the first time in forever without hurting my gum line or chewing on an implant. It’s epic!





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