All-on-4 versus All-on-X

All-on-4 versus All-on-X

All on Four Dental Implants

Unique Circumstances, Unique Approach

When an entire mouth has undergone irreversible damage, it is important to choose an uncompromised dental
restoration plan. We understand how your teeth simultaneously embody confidence and function. Moreover,
each patient’s current dental state and holistic anatomy is unique. For this reason, Dr. John Wilardsen has
made it his mission to rejuvenate each smile in a thorough and tailored fashion. While our competitors deliver
rushed, identical smiles to each patient, we believe in detailed treatment planning, resulting in the most natural
and long-lasting makeover.

Beware of “All on 4”

The dated “All on 4” method utilizes four dental implants across each jawbone. While implementing a limited
amount of artificial materials may seem like the safer route, ironically, it brings a host of problems. This
method used to be commonplace for its convenience and efficiency, however, those factors do not contribute
to a long-lasting, secure smile. When merely four implants are responsible for supporting a full arch
prosthesis, biomechanical issues arise. What does this look like?

– Jaw misalignment
– Insufficient “load” support
– Erosion of frontal teeth
– Prosthesis breakage
– Speech impediments
– Chewing discomfort

Further, with parts of the prosthesis not anchored down by dental implants, a space is created for food and
bacteria buildup. This can later mature into unsalvageable dental decay and disease, prompting emergency
“clean up” surgeries. Not only are functional and sanitary elements called to question, but visible aesthetics
are affected as well. When the upper and lower jaws are not synchronized, the appearance of the smile, or
even resting face, are unnatural. Since our goal is to mimic what you were born with, the “All on 4” method is
entirely unavailable.

The Perfect Fit for You

Here, at Trust Implants , our highest accolades in Surgical Prosthodontics are attributed to the “All on X”
method. Instead of prematurely deciding the amount of dental implants a patient will receive, we take our
time scanning, measuring and assessing individual needs. Beginning with a five-implant minimum, across each
jaw, the number escalates, depending on each patient’s needs. Not only does it vary from person to person,
but jaw to jaw, within one mouth. For example, one patient may require five implants on the top, and six on
the bottom. With a customized amount of dental implants, quintessential function and appearance are achieved.
The following pairs with our “All on X” method:

– Detailed scanning and imaging
– Computerized dental treatment planning
– Streamlined, in-house laboratory
– Updated techniques and technology
– High-quality artificial materials
– Bone and sinus grafting

When we guarantee longevity, it captures much more than the teeth alone. By putting much thought into your
smile makeover, daily worrying and complications are eliminated. When your dentition is structurally sound,
the financial investment is protected. We believe in tackling multiple problems at once, resulting in a more
liberated lifestyle, across the board.

Contact our team

Dr. Willardsen offers a free consultation, where you will discover, in-depth, what you need to achieve a
healthier life. Reach us at 855-494-6752 to start the conversation about restoring your smile for good .

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