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Understanding the Importance of Dental Hygiene

dental hygiene tools

Our Relationship Has Only Just Begun Congratulations, you have just undergone the most coveted dental makeover! While our high-quality materials were discussed extensively throughout dental treatment planning, we are going to revisit them. This time, we will highlight the details that need periodic care and tending to. While we guarantee smiles that last a lifetime, […]

The Effectiveness of Dental Implants

dental implants clear

When Does the Need Begin? Oftentimes, oral well-being is taken for granted. It’s difficult to picture a lifestyle where basic functions, such as eating and speaking, are not guaranteed. Unfortunately, with the right amount of hygienic disregard, food and bacteria buildup can mature into irreversible tooth decay and loss. Infection and disease begin to affect […]

Bone Loss: The Silent Destroyer

Dental bone loss

The Fundamental Importance of Bone What caused the need for dental implant practices? More than simply surface-level tooth decay and loss is the true culprit, unhealthy bone. The mouth’s bone decline can only be concealed for so long, as the visible teeth and gums begin to reflect the damage, from the bottom up. This surpasses […]

Dental Industry: 3D Printing

3D printed teeth

By John Willardsen D.D.S. The dentistry world is being constantly transformed with technological advances and distinctive approaches to dental practice as 3D printing continues to pave the way. 3D printing has become a haven of new opportunities in not only dentistry but society itself. Began in the 1980’s, 3D printing influenced digital enhancements in dentistry procedures […]

Cosmetic Dentistry Grants

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By John Willardsen D.D.S. Finding the right doctor to perform your cosmetic dental surgery can be tricky. These days, it is extremely difficult to discern those you can trust from those you can’t. There are countless services claiming to work with patients’ insurance companies and to cover the costs of any pre- and post-surgery necessities. However, […]

All-on-4 versus All-on-X

All on Four Dental Implants

Unique Circumstances, Unique Approach When an entire mouth has undergone irreversible damage, it is important to choose an uncompromised dentalrestoration plan. We understand how your teeth simultaneously embody confidence and function. Moreover,each patient’s current dental state and holistic anatomy is unique. For this reason, Dr. John Wilardsen hasmade it his mission to rejuvenate each smile […]

Am I a Good Candidate for a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

woman smiling

By John Willardsen D.D.S. Whether you find yourself embarrassed from smiling in photos or exhibit teeth failure, full mouth reconstruction can help give you the smile of your dreams. There are several factors that can ultimately affect your smile from shining once again. If you have missing teeth to conditions such as Ectodermal Dysplasia, you are […]

Meet Stanley

before and after dental implants

By John Willardsen D.D.S. Meet Stanley R. Stanley had been having tooth decay and tooth loss for many years before receiving his dental implants. He was feeling poorly about his smile and was looking to finally make a change. Everything transformed for the better for Stanley upon finding Trust Implants and Dr. Willardsen. Dr. Willardsen and […]



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