Bone Loss: The Silent Destroyer

Dental bone loss

The Fundamental Importance of Bone

What caused the need for dental implant practices? More than simply surface-level tooth decay and loss is the true culprit, unhealthy bone. The mouth’s bone decline can only be concealed for so long, as the visible teeth and gums begin to reflect the damage, from the bottom up. This surpasses cosmetic concerns, fully jeopardizing the mouth’s holistic function. For this reason, Dr. Willardsen has made it his mission to uncover those underground defaults via detailed CAT scanning and measuring. To best understand what the teeth will require, the supporting bone must be assessed first.

Here are some types of bone to get acquainted with:

– Alveolar Bone: sac-like, directly surrounding and supporting each tooth
– Basal Bone: right below the alveolar bone, functioning as the jaw’s framework

What Prompts the Bone’s Downfall

While losing teeth is a serious matter, sometimes, it is discounted as a cosmetic misfortune. In reality, the absence of teeth means the exposure of vulnerable bone. This creates a domino effect, as the issue does not simply end with the tooth loss, rather encourages an even larger concern.

Normally, the teeth maintain communication via periodontal ligaments, also known as the connective tissue between tooth and root. This ligament stimulates the bone, solely maintaining its form and density. When teeth are lost, the ligament subsequently deteriorates and stimulation ends. For this reason, the bone weakens in width and height, no longer encouraged to regenerate itself.

A Compromised Lifestyle

Lacking essentials such as teeth, bone or gum means an inevitably difficult lifestyle. Chewing and speaking rely heavily on oral wellbeing. What once was taken for granted as simply indulging in lunch with friends or giving an oral presentation at work, quickly becomes daunting. Functional concerns begin to monopolize each day, rather than one’s normal routine.

More specifically, it boils down to biomechanical imbalance of the mouth. With random gaps comes a misaligned “bite” between the upper and lower jaws. Especially with missing the furthest back teeth, an unnatural pressure is shifted to the front of the mouth, eroding the most visible part of the smile. An additional consequence of lacking height in this posterior region is the gradual collapse of the face, as the nose and chin are brought closer together.

The Permanent Remedy

Trust Implants offers a variety of remedies, ranging from Single Tooth to Full Mouth Reconstruction. However, what truly sets us apart is our prerequisite of Bone Grafting. Before thinking about artificial teeth, Dr. Willardsen assesses the current state of the bone. Unlike other dental implant centers, we offer and encourage the implementation of faux bone matter. After all, the bone is the foundation meant to hug and anchor each dental implant, so that they may last well into the future.

With the latest technology, we are able to confidently pinpoint the areas that require regenerating. In the spirit of preserving as much natural bone as possible, about 70% of our faux bone recipe consists of the patient’s own native tissue. This is a large part of the reason it lasts a lifetime. The faux bone matter then settles into the remaining native jawbone, making for the most reliable hybrid foundation.

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