Meet Stanley

Meet Stanley R.  Stanley had been having tooth decay and tooth loss for many years before receiving his dental implants.  He was feeling poorly about his smile and was looking to finally make a change.  Everything transformed for the better for Stanley upon finding Trust Implants and Dr. Willardsen.  Dr. Willardsen and the rest of the Trust Implants team worked closely with Stanley to develop a course of treatment that would best suit him and meet his needs.  The team was tirelessly committed to making sure that Stanley walked away with the smile he’d been longing for.  He received a full mouth reconstruction along with dental implants.  Needless to say, the hard work of Dr. Willardsen and the team paid off.  Take a look at Stanley now.  His new dental implants have completely transformed his smile.  With his newly-constructed mouth and teeth, Stanley is feeling better than ever.