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Dental Hygiene & Upkeep

The routine

Here at Trust Implants , aftercare is just as important, if not more, than what has happened on operation day. Just as natural teeth require cleaning and maintenance, dental implants do as well. To maintain the integrity of your new smile, we proudly offer several Dental Hygiene Services. Each hygienist cleanses the mouth with tools and techniques that are sensitive to the newly incorporated artificial materials.

At home, dental care often fails to cleanse hard-to-reach areas. It is imperative to meet with our team, biyearly, to address those areas before bacterial overgrowth begins to fester and mature.

You can expect:
– Tartar and Plaque Removal
– Teeth Polishing
– General Oral Exam

While single dental implants and prosthetic bridges are built to remain in the mouth permanently, with a simple unscrewing, much is revealed between the natural jawbone and artificial pieces. Our instruments are dental implant-friendly, as they do not scratch zirconia or dismantle the titanium body.

In guaranteeing smiles that will last a lifetime, it is expected, as a general requisite, to periodically meet with our hygienist team. This is done as a preventative measure, as well as an investment protection. By not allowing the prosthetic smile to fail, the need for further restorative operations is eliminated.

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