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Dental Veneer Enhancement

Our least-invasive remedy

Dental Veneer Enhancement differs from every other service we offer, as we are upgrading already-existing teeth, not uprooting them. Since we are not surgically removing or installing any teeth, this is considered our least-invasive cosmetic dental procedure.

In the spirit of Biomimetics, we use only the finest artificial materials, closely mimicking the natural teeth that were lost. Our wafer-thin porcelain laminates are ideal for their bone-like color and light reflecting properties, much like our zirconia dental implants. Their resistance to stains also contributes to the lowest maintenance, aesthetic final product. Further, our porcelain material is preferable over commonly-used resin, which fails to fit and appear as natural. As these porcelain shells must seamlessly adhere to each tooth, natural enamel filing must be done first. This is performed in the name of achieving each patient’s personal aesthetics, ranging from shape, size, to length. By taking this customized and precisely-measured approach, veneers meld perfectly with the native teeth, essentially  creating the most indistinguishable fit.

We prioritize the appearance of the teeth, just as their function. With dental veneers, confidence
is restored, without negatively affecting lower-level bone and tissue.

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