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Full Arch Replacement

Our prosthetic bridge

Full Arch Replacement introduces an entire bridge of artificial teeth to either the entire upper or lower jaw. Using a bridge is advantageous for supporting and anchoring many incoming teeth, as not every single tooth requires its own artificial root. With a customized amount of dental implants, the bridge is able to securely lock into the patient’s unique jawbone, minimizing chances of shifting.

Given that this procedure requires a hybrid relationship between prosthetic bridge and untouched jaw, we prioritize the seamless synchronization between the two. Our prosthetic bridge is undetectable, once installed, due to our Bone Grafting procedure. Here, we take the time to perform the much neglected regeneration of bone, in areas it has eroded. We use a titanium mesh tray and faux bone formula to craft a mock-up of a jawbone that matches the other. Not only will their matching create an even bite, but the newfound vertical height will contribute to an overall more youthful facial appearance. With an adequate amount of bone, the dental implants themselves are guaranteed to stay in place, long-term. In aiming for the most fixed fit, the chances of the prosthetic bridge requiring adjusting during eating and speaking are completely eliminated. Additionally, the screw-like portions of the dental implants are completely concealed, providing the most natural and hygienic smile.

Our technology and techniques allow us to pinpoint areas of the jaw that need improvement, in the name of achieving the most-aligned smile. The biomechanical balance of the mouth is crucial when considering daily comfort and functionality. It is especially important when building a hybrid smile, where incoming artificial pieces must closely mimic the opposing untouched jaw.

6-8 implant technology explained

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