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Full Mouth Reconstruction restores the integrity of the entire mouth, ranging from teeth to bone within the upper and lower jaws. This procedure simultaneously addresses large-scale functional issues and cosmetic insecurities. Everyone is eligible for this procedure, as we tend to the most severe circumstances, namely grafting areas of bone loss and extracting prior dental implants.

In order to support two full length prosthetic arches, we use the All-on-X approach, wherein each patient must acquire a proper amount of dental implants. We can determine the amount of dental implants needed based on detailed imaging and measurements, ensuring that each arch is thoroughly anchored down to the jawbone. A snug bone-implant relationship is important for a mouth’s balanced load distribution and near-natural appearance. If unsalvageable teeth are still present, we take the liberty to extract them, prepping the mouth for artificial replacement roots. In the event that the jawbone appears eroded, we implement faux bone matter, partially made from the patient’s own native tissue. Both of these measures are taken to ensure the sturdiest and longest lasting foundation for the prospective smile.

By treating functional issues early on, we prevent larger consequences from maturing, namely long-term jaw and neck soreness, as well as chronic headaches. Restoring the biomechanical balance of the mouth also transforms eating and speaking, as it alleviates daily discomfort. Cosmetically speaking, we take a biomimetic approach, meaning all failed teeth are replaced with materials that create the most natural, age rewinding aesthetics.

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