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Multi-Tooth Replacement

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Multi-Tooth Replacement lends itself for the restoration of several decayed or missing teeth, in inconsistent locations, within either jaw. Similar to Single Tooth Replacement, replacing several teeth in different areas does not call for an entire bridge of support. Instead, the screw-like portion of the dental implant anchors each new tooth. We focus on Osseointegration, otherwise known as the structural and functional relationship between living bone and artificial materials.

Finding and perfecting the balance between natural and artificial is attributed to our bona fide, prosthetic surgical training, along with advanced techniques. With the Osseointegration surgical procedure, we aim to establish a foolproof bone-implant relationship. A healthy relationship between the two begins with our commercially pure titanium dental implants. This hypoallergenic material is best accepted into the natural jawbone, making it easier for the artificial materials to survive in the mouth, long term. Aside from the materials used, we take pride in our prosthetic surgical expertise. While competing dental implant practices may turn patients away that do not fit into their standardized methods, we embrace a modifiable approach. This is possible, given the early days of Trust Implants , where we received the most severe dental trauma cases for restoration. This expertise is especially important when revamping randomly-located teeth, as each specific implant site is unique from the last. While extracting, drilling and loading may require varying levels of force, according to each patient’s unique dentition, our common objective of delivering the most natural, hybrid smile is what streamlines the process.

When several randomly located teeth have been compromised, the health of the entire mouth is called to question. More than simply restoring the appearance of rotting or missing teeth, we halt the process of bacterial overgrowth and chronic disease from brewing inside the jawbone. Like a domino effect, the visible deterioration of enamel is an early indication of their lower-level, larger problems. With us, functionality and aesthetics can be improved simultaneously.

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