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Single Tooth Replacement targets an individual damaged or missing tooth, permanently replacing it, both in visible appearance and lower-level root. The single dental implant is carefully measured and installed, making for the most seamless fusion into the native jawbone, with no interference to the surrounding teeth. By focusing on one false tooth, we are able to precisely craft what feels and looks indistinguishable from the rest of the native dentition.

By nature, replacing a single tooth means its artificial pieces must be freestanding, not relying on the surrounding area to support it. We accomplish this with our high thread dental implants, wherein a more aggressive ridge pattern makes for the most snug, secure fit into the bone. When the screw-like body of the implant is lodged into place, the chances of shifting decrease; this frees patients of constant need for adjusting. Further, this fit contributes to the most steady support for the visible crown, important for overall aesthetic. While our careful selection of materials plays a large role in the success of dental implants, those are only effective with precise measurements. Beginning with our free consultation, our team is able to assess your current dental state, testing and manipulating different sizes of dental implants within our computerized view. With our meticulous treatment planning, operation day is predictable and worry-free.

Perfecting the most indistinguishable false tooth requires a patient-centric approach. Our commercially pure titanium implants are ideal, not only for their build, but hypoallergenic material as well. This is important when thinking about a long-term, irritation-free relationship with the jawbone. Replacing a single tooth is also favorable for Biomimetics, as more bone is preserved this way, ergo the natural dental architecture.

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