The Effectiveness of Dental Implants

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When Does the Need Begin?

Oftentimes, oral well-being is taken for granted. It’s difficult to picture a lifestyle where basic functions, such as eating and speaking, are not guaranteed. Unfortunately, with the right amount of hygienic disregard, food and bacteria buildup can mature into irreversible tooth decay and loss. Infection and disease begin to affect the cosmetic aspect of the enamel and gums, then settle into the underlying nerves and roots. When the entire body of a tooth is compromised, daily discomfort is only the beginning of the repercussions. Losing teeth disrupts the overall load distribution of the mouth, shifting an overwhelming amount of pressure to the least-durable front teeth. Further, with vertical height lost, the natural bite and facial expression start to collapse.

Visibly and functionally, you start to become a different person. Dietary restrictions, speech impediments and a plummet in confidence begin to monopolize your daily routine. More than simply repairing teeth, here at Trust Implants, we believe in restoring your life. In order to relieve you entirely from the burdens of a deteriorating mouth, we go lengths to curate the most patient-centric dental treatment plan. This means your specific dental needs drive the design for the artificial smile. In the spirit of moving you away from a life of compromise, we do not offer “All-on-4,” rather a customizable dental implant package. By doing this, your new smile is guaranteed to look and feel authentically yours!

Our Dental Implant Blueprint

Not all dental implants are made equally. We take pride in our NobelActive TiUltra dental implants, the most sought after on the market. Made from commercially pure titanium, our implants are easily accepted into the native jawbone, as they are hypoallergenic. In addition, our grade IV titanium is important when considering long-term stability and durability. With a high thread count within the screw-like portion of the implant, a snug and secure fit is guaranteed. At our practice, we do not mix dental implant brands, meaning there is consistency within the bone-implant relationship.

Just as important as the underground titanium finish is our carefully-selected zirconia. This material serves a dual purpose, not only appearing near-natural, but withstanding the many pressures of the mouth. In an effort to closely mimic the appearance of the native enamel lost, we have chosen zirconia for its light reflecting properties and bone like color. With a highly improbable chance of chipping or cracking, zirconia is also the most practical option for long term success. Further, unlike other materials, zirconia is the most sanitary, as it does not invite an accumulation of food and bacteria.

Our choice of dental implant reflects our commitment to provide the most reliable, long-lasting smiles. While our materials may seem to require a greater financial investment than competing practices, truthfully, this is a one-time dental makeover. Other practices cut corners with their choice in materials, inevitably leading to one costly repair after the other. We believe in achieving your dream smile the first time — the only time.

The Techniques That Make Us Special


Much of the success of dental implants is predicated on the foundation they are built on. If the architecture of the natural bone or sinus has eroded, you are not denied candidacy for dental implant surgery. Instead, Dr. Willardsen welcomes and encourages Bone Grafts and/or Sinus Lifts. This prerequisite procedure is where the foundation of your mouth is regenerated with faux bone matter, made partially from your own natural bone. The natural bone is harvested when extracting decayed teeth or failed dental implants. Once the area has healed and solidified, the doctor can confidently place the dental implants themselves, certain that they will never come loose or become exposed. At competing practices, this step is often skipped, however, it is largely responsible for an artificial smile’s secure and comfortable fit.

In-House Laboratory

In the spirit of surveillancing each dental makeover from start to finish, we have added our very own in-house laboratory to Trust Implants . Typically, dental implant practices collaborate with a third party laboratory, inaccessible to the team, therefore, more prone to miscommunication. With this state of the art facility under our very own roof, we have been able to streamline the dental treatment planning process. With constant measurements, adjustments and monitoring, your new smile is sure to fit your unique aesthetic.


With more support beams comes greater stability. Anatomically, every patient’s mouth is incredibly different. Within one patient’s mouth, each tooth site brings a host of different variables. Our bottom line is that every patient’s dental restoration should not look the same. Instead of moving forward with a predetermined amount of dental implants, Dr. Willardsen opts for a more impromptu approach, wherein the remedy is inspired by specific patient needs. The first order of business is capturing detailed images and scans of the mouth, even if there are dental implants embedded already. With the latest technology, the mouth’s features are measured and assessed, revealing areas that are salvageable and not. Beginning with a 5-implant minimum across each jaw, the doctor communicates what is needed and why. While each jaw may not share an identical amount of dental implants, rest assured, the grand total is decided in accordance to thoroughly supporting your smile. We confidently guarantee longevity because we take the time to personalize every functional aspect of the artificial smile.

The Tried & True Lifestyle

The most carefully-constructed smile still requires aftercare! Yes, we offer arguably the finest materials and techniques, however, our relationship does not quite end post-operation. With establishing a bone-implant relationship comes the responsibility to periodically monitor and cleanse it. While we go to lengths to ensure that our artificial pieces are securely bonded to your native jawbone, there is no denying that there is still an opportunity for unwanted buildup to fester in the space between. Since these are incredibly hard-to-reach areas, they require special attention from our in-house dental hygienists. With a simple unscrewing, our team is able to access the deceivingly clean artificial pieces, ridding them of any unwanted grime. Moreover, our dental hygienists use special tools that do not jeopardize some of the more delicate areas, namely zirconia. By forming a habit with hygiene and upkeep, you will soon realize how your dental implant investment, both in time and money, is protected. Who better than the team who created your smile to most effectively monitor it?

Finally, the Smile You Deserve

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