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We understand how your teeth simultaneously embody confidence and function . While each dentition, arrangement of teeth, is unique, we do not believe in “one size fits all.”

We confidently guarantee teeth that will last a lifetime. Dr. Willardsen and his team of experts have put careful thought into the dental reconstruction process. While competitors may advertise speed and convenience, here at Trust Implants , value and longevity begins in the time taken to lay the foundation. This involves molding a prosthesis, false set of teeth, to fit you , as well as surveying your support needs, to better decide the amount of implants needed.

This is just a glimpse into our practice. Teeth are the centerpiece of your face, making it of utmost priority. You deserve to feel and look strong.

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Look No Further Than Trust Implants. Our practice is your one-stop shop for the smile makeover of a lifetime. Our attention to detail, ranging from top-quality materials to personalized procedures, has earned us a top-rated status in the fields of Dentistry, Prosthodontics and Oral Surgery.

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I was in a near fatal motorcycle accident. I was T-boned at about 65 miles per hour. Cracked my head, put me through coma for about a week and a half, it cracked all of my teeth. Now I can chew in the back like I’m finally able to eat something for the first time in forever without hurting my gum line or chewing on an implant. It’s epic!