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While many practices have standardized the dental implant protocol, Dr. Willardsen and his team of experts have opted for a completely customizable approach. Designing your new smile should not be an expedited process, rather one that is carefully pieced together, keeping comfort and naturalness in mind. A successful prosthetic smile has everything to do with creating a firm foundation.

We stand by the All-on-X approach. Leading with detailed CT scans and images, we are able to clearly assess your current dental state. Based on your unique dental circumstances and needs, we determine the most appropriate amount of dental implants for your new smile. Beginning with Dr. Willardsen’s five-implant minimum across each jaw, each patient will dictate their own personal total. Oftentimes, the upper and lower jaws within one patient call for differing amounts of dental implants. With each patient’s unique dental health and anatomical architecture comes the need for our patient-centric approach.

Meeting you where you are is arguably the most critical step, when considering the effectiveness and longevity of dental implants. With proper support, we achieve a biomechanically sound smile, while also steering away from long-term issues. All-on-X guarantees you have the most secure fit, between the natural jawbone and artificial materials. By doing this, we significantly minimize the chances of bacteria buildup, and from that, tooth decay. Additionally, if there is a poor bone-implant relationship, the appearance of the prosthesis will be compromised. At our practice, our preventative measures and customized dental treatment planning result in smiles that are functionally and aesthetically unmatched.

ALL ON X trust method

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