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Candidacy for Dental Implant Rehabilitation calls for a sufficient amount of bone. While this may not, naturally, be the case for everyone, we are proud to offer and encourage Bone Grafting. This novel service ensures that volume and density is revitalized in the decaying areas of the natural jawbone. When the jawbone serves as a firm foundation, dental implants are guaranteed to stay in place, long-term.

In the spirit of Biomimetics, our intentional effort to mimic natural teeth, we focus on preserving as much of the original bone and tissue architecture as possible. This is, in part, attributed to Autografting, wherein 70% of our faux bone formula is harvested from our patients’ very own native tissue. Our formula also consists of bone morphogenetic protein, largely responsible for how well the faux bone settles and heals. When aiming to restore vertical height, fabricating an entire ridge of the prospective smile is necessary. This is achieved by molding a titanium mesh tray to fit the unique ridge, which is later installed and sealed underneath the mouth’s tissue. The mesh tray and faux bone formula work together, across several months, to mature into bone. Once the faux bone is solidified, Dr. Willardsen can confidently move forward with dental implant installation, certain that they will be hugged securely in place.

Most dental implant practices steer away from Bone Grafting, due to lack of surgical expertise. Here, at Trust Implants , our bona fide training, paired with the latest tools and technology, lend themselves for the least invasive, yet highly necessary procedure. We are able to pinpoint the weakest areas of your current smile, and later regenerate them to withstand dental implants. Bone Grafting eliminates the chances of building a new smile on a faulty foundation.

bone grafting

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