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Here at Trust Implants , we take pride in our ability to tailor dental implant techniques to the needs of the patients. Regardless of severity, we meet each patient where they are, basing our treatment planning off of their current dental state. In fact, in the early days of our practice, Dr. Willardsen was primarily tasked with dental trauma repairs. This is notable, as many competing dental implant practices opt for standardized procedures, or even denying certain cases altogether. In order to deliver unique smiles, both in aesthetics and functionality, beginning the dental restoration process with patient concerns is necessary. Listed below are some of, but not limited to, the types of patients we receive on a daily basis.

Due to excessive wear and tear, the teeth have endured unsalvageable breakage or loss. Our artificial teeth, composed of commercially pure titanium and zirconia, must be implemented to restore the mouth’s biomechanics, important for eating and speaking.

When the upper or lower jawbone has weathered away, the foundation of the mouth is too weak to support an entire artificial dentition. Our Bone Grafting procedure offers faux bone matter in areas it is lacking, restoring candidacy for dental implants.

When teeth in the molar region are missing, an overwhelming amount of pressure shifts to the front of the mouth. Since the front teeth are comparatively weaker, they begin to break down as a result. Our All-on-X method ensures that the molar region regains support, balancing the mouth holistically.

Known as gingivitis, in its earlier stages, this gum disease matures when the tissue around the teeth becomes infected and inflamed. This jeopardizes the long-term success of dental implants, as the foundation they are built on is unstable. Our hypoallergenic materials and hygiene services eliminate this issue.

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