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Our NobelActive TiUltra dental implant functions as the underground, faux tooth root. Made from commercially pure titanium, our implants are hypoallergenic, discouraging bacterial buildup. In addition, ranking at grade IV, this titanium is the sturdiest on the market, perfect for long-term stability and success. With high thread count within the screw-like body, the dental implant fits snugly and securely within the jawbone, making for an ideal bone implant relationship. This perfectly-placed fit also contributes to the even appearance of the visible prosthesis. At our practice, each dental implant is identical in material and dimension, resulting in holistic consistency within the mouth.

Ranging from single crown to full arch prosthesis, the visible portion of the dental implant is carefully sourced from zirconia. This material is sought after for its dual purpose of appearing natural and withstanding the many pressures of the mouth. Its light-reflecting properties and bone-like color work incredibly to mimic the enamel that was lost. With a high endurance against chipping and cracking, zirconia also serves as the most practical, long-lasting material. Just like the underground portion of the dental implant, the zirconia crown is notable for its cleanliness, making it manageable to deter plaque and food buildup.

In order to naturally enhance the smile, we have chosen wafer-thin porcelain for our veneers. These shells are customized and laminated over the native teeth, making it our least-invasive way to introduce artificial materials into the mouth. We exclusively use porcelain for its bone-like color, much like our zirconia finish. In addition, its resistance to stains makes for the lowest maintenance upkeep. With veneers, the teeth are aesthetically reinvented, ranging from color to size.

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