Understanding the Importance of Dental Hygiene

Understanding the Importance of Dental Hygiene

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Our Relationship Has Only Just Begun

Congratulations, you have just undergone the most coveted dental makeover! While our high-quality materials were discussed extensively throughout dental treatment planning, we are going to revisit them. This time, we will highlight the details that need periodic care and tending to. While we guarantee smiles that last a lifetime, post-operative care plays an essential role in the success of dental implants, regardless of having used the finest materials on surgery day. This is not a worrisome matter, as our practice is home to highly-accredited dental hygienists. Similar to natural teeth, faux teeth require upkeep.

What Your New Smile Is Made Of

The dental implant works behind the scenes to replace the native root and support the visible prosthesis. We have partnered with Nobel Biocare , notable dental implant manufacturer, to provide you with NobelActive TiUltra commercially pure titanium implants. NobelActive implants are ideal for their stability when failed dental implants are being extracted or bone grafting is taking place. The commercially pure titanium is “bone-loving,” making for a seamless implant-bone relationship that will surely last. In addition, being grade 4, these implants embody the highest exhibited durability. Since we do not mix and match manufacturers, the types of implants used are completely consistent.

The prosthesis is visibly showcased, replacing the natural teeth with a carefully customized faux smile. We have chosen zirconia, as it best resembles the teeth that were lost, namely in its light reflecting properties. Not only is it aesthetically accurate, but functionally durable, ranking as the dental material least likely to crack. This material is also sought after for its natural cleanliness, discouraging food and bacteria buildup.

Why the Finest Materials Still Require Care

Although Dr. Willardsen and his team of experts have curated the most reliable faux smile, the materials must be revisited to maintain their integrity. Keeping the surrounding bone and tissue healthy will subsequently mean the dental implants’ long-term success.

The dental implant has a screw-like body, with consecutive threads throughout. These are important for good torque and fixation during dental implant “loading.” While they are the key to a snug fit, these threads are not accessible for at-home cleaning. They must be addressed by a dental hygienist, as they have the proper tools to cleanse those hard-to-reach areas. Neglecting this area could lead to unwanted buildup, jeopardizing the smile holistically.

The prosthesis is made from zirconia, undoubtedly our strongest material, yet still prone to scratches. In the event the zirconia may scratch, we do not want to opportunize food and bacteria to fester in those spaces. The dental hygienist has specific instruments, protected by plastic coverings, that will clean the zirconia without creating further scratches. Using high-frequency vibrations and antibacterial solutions are also zirconia-safe methods to clean.

The Dental Hygienist Catches Early-Onset Issues

Our hygienist team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to ensure your smile’s peak cleanliness, both aesthetically and functionally.

Just like natural teeth, artificial ones can collect plaque, otherwise known as bacteria biofilm. This can vary in toughness, ranging from soft food buildup to hardened tartar and calculus. The different types of dental debris can be attributed to location of deposit and level of adherence. Keeping these things in mind, the dental hygienist is careful to clean around the dental implant, in a way that does not jeopardize the artificial materials. This receives thorough attention, as insufficient cleaning can lead to inflammation around the implant, causing bone recession and looseness.

In addition, exposed areas of the implant body are checked for. If this is the case, bone or gum loss has occurred, indicating a lack of hygiene. Since each implant attaches to the bone and gum in a unique way, Dr. Willardsen himself may become involved as well, so the matter does not mature. During quarter-yearly or bi yearly checkups, your smile is monitored, providing reassurance that a secure attachment between the implant and bone is in place.

Protecting Your Investment

Just like you, we want to ensure that this is a one-time smile makeover. In the spirit of our lengthy dental treatment planning , dental hygiene is also considered preventative care. Who better than the team of experts who crafted your smile to best look after it? Dental health is a lifestyle. We are here to support and prioritize the hygienic maintenance of your new smile.

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